Hello! Welcome!


Greetings! and welcome to Dmg-yadda yadda you get the deal. Look. I’m gonna be really honest with you guys and say that I’m only launching the site now because I want it to have the same birthday as the Sega Genesis and Persona 3. So let’s get some things straight here:

Mind the dust

It’s pretty dusty in here. Lots of cobwebs lurking about in each corner. chances are you’re gonna see some bugs or glitches, and if so please feel free to contact my dumb ass and tell me to fix this shit. You can find me on Twitter or Email Me. I appreciate any feedback.

Slowpoke News

Right now I’ve got some old news stories I wrote and wanted to have so the site feels a bit more full. You can look at those if ya want but it is old news. I swear that I’ll post regularly. maybe. hopefully.

I do this in my free time and don’t make any money, obviously. So sometimes I’m not going to be as fast as everyone. To make up for that you’ll find that my writing is a bit more creative than most news sites.

I have more shit to say but I’m on a time limit. It’s almost 12am. Gotta publish this and launch the site. Go check out the About page on the menu above to see what we’re about.



Welcome to Dmg-Ctrl please keep all hands and feet inside vehicle and please don’t send me death threats. Fuck you Pitchford.