Hail to the King, Baby – The Return of the Infamous ‘Duke’ Controller


Remember playing games in the early 2000’s? It felt like an era packed with whimsical marketing and healthy competition between industry titans Playstation, Nintendo, and Sega. But something changed when Microsoft entered the ring on November 15th 2001; Their Fighter? The Xbox.

The Xbox was a peculiar device, and had a lot of fancy features that really made waves in the industry. One of the most cherished (and joked about) aspects of the console was the over-sized controller, aptly nicknamed ‘The Duke’. This controller tortured many little brothers around the world and, although was later replaced with a slimmer model, managed to earn a special place in the hearts of gamers everywhere.

Although the Duke is long gone fans just can’t help but request an updated version for use on modern consoles and PCs. Hyperkin had a prototype duke controller on display at E3 as well as a trailer¬†announcing a release date of Holiday 2017. The prototype featured some updates including left and right bumpers as well as a nifty LCD screen in the middle that plays the opening video from the OG xbox main menu. The company has been relatively quiet ever since. Until yesterday that is.

Seamus Blackley, known as the father of the original Xbox console, has recently tweeted about the progress of the controller:

Hyperkin also quickly announced that pre-orders will be opening soon, but a set release date has yet to be announced. Keep on the lookout here for more info when we hear it!