Battleborn Ceases Development After Fall Update

Battleborn Ceases Development After Fall Update


If there’s one fact of life I’ve learned on this big green rock is that every single person on this earth must one day give up something close to them. Sometimes it’s a girl, an item, or a dream. The most cruel aspect of this is that we find ourselves obliged to be the courier that delivers our dreams to the river styx, where we then must observe it’s journey. Almost as if before we can carry on we must truly convince ourselves that the thing we once loved is now dead. It took awhile for Gearbox to come to this stage, but here we are now.

Yes, the lovely developers of the once acclaimed Borderlands series has loaded up their 12 gauge and has taken their recent product of obnoxious memery to pasture. Randy Varnell, Battleborn’s Creative Director, has announced via community forums that the obscure FPS/MOBA will cease development after the Fall update. The announcement reads:

Hello Friends –

It’s been a while since I’ve communicated with you directly, so I wanted to take the opportunity to write to you as Battleborn rounds another milestone in its life.

As of this week, there will be no more Battleplans and there is currently no planned content after the Fall Update. Details of any future changes or news will be made on our forums or through social media, so keep your radars on.

Never fear! Battleborn is here to stay. Nothing is changing with Battleborn, and the servers will be up and active for the foreseeable future. We announced the Fall Update for the game at PAX including some new skins, themed around some of your favorite Borderlands characters! That update will also include some updated title art (more full bar titles!) for the more significant challenges in the game, as well as some additional Finisher Boosts and Taunts. Also, there are minor balance changes in that patch.

If you’ve been paying attention to recent news from the Gearbox Panel at PAX West, you’ll have heard that many folks at Gearbox are working on a highly anticipated project. Although I’m sad my time on Battlebornis coming to a close, I’m happy to announce that I will play a significant role on this highly anticipated but unannounced game, and I’m sure you’ll be hearing some from me again in the future regarding Gearbox games.

I’ve been working on Battleborn nearly exclusively since 2012, and in some ways, that work stretches back to 2009 for me. It’s been a long labor of love with many of my good friends at Gearbox, and I’m proud to have shared that journey with you, our community. Your spirit and loyalty have been a constant inspiration to the team at Gearbox.

Also, I want to personally thank you for giving Battleborn a chance, and dipping down into a new universe with us. We make games for you. And many of you have shared with us how much Battleborn has meant to you personally.

It’s always a bittersweet time when transitioning from one project to another, but also offers the opportunity to step back and enjoy the game we created. Keep an eye out for me in game!

For now, Commander Jythri is signing off and taking the first transport back to a wonderful box of surprises.

You are awesome.

For Solus

Don’t go jumping out of those Widow’s peaks just yet! Gearbox has reparations for all ye that jumped aboard the already sinking ship! Along with the comfort of knowing your favorite game is being put down you also get a free skin for some sort of blue woman! Head to the forums- aw who am I kidding? none of you care.

As the months go on and we witness the last gasps of air stolen by the hands of a middle aged man that still refers to people as piss babies, all we can do is pay our respects. As gamers.