New Look at Kojima Production’s Mascot


Earlier today an official twitter account for Kojima Productions, Hideo Kojima’s new studio, appeared under the spotlight with a new look at their mascot.


The picture reveals that there is a person underneath the spooky skeleton mask, and featured text saying “I’ll keep coming”. Whether this picture has anything to do with their upcoming game is yet to be revealed. Gamespot asked for a comment from the company and received the statement: “You can freely imagine whatever you see.” 

This image, along with a full body shot of the mascot, came extremely close to E3. So here’s hoping that we’ll be seeing more at the event next week. Check back in with us for full coverage of the event.

Metal Gear Solid: Tactical Pachinko Action


This is a very unfortunate story revolving a game that’s very close to my heart.

It’s been a running joke lately that, following Kojima’s departure from Konami, a pachinko machine for Metal Gear would come to fruition. This was a joke that sounded crazy, but deep down was just a way for us to come to terms with the inevitable bastardization of a beloved series. It appears that moment has come…

Konami has just released a video displaying their newest machine for Japan’s strange gambling market. This machine is none other than the Metal Gear title that we all hoped would never be.

The video shows off a remastered version(which I can only assume is the Fox Engine)of the final fight between The Boss and her Pupil, Naked Snake. This scene not only shows a conflict between master and pupil, but also a conflict of ideals. A passing of the torch marked only in blood, as well as a sacrifice for one’s home. Truly one of the most significant and emotional scenes in video game history, and one that still holds impact for me today.


Truly a sad sight to see…

Xbox One Receives $50 Price Drop


Microsoft has just slashed prices for Xbox One consoles and bundles. They’ve yet to come out and say whether or not this is a promotion or if this price drop is here to stay.

But this drop does come at a strange time, seeing as how rumors of a new edition of the console have been running wild around the internet, but more about that later.

If you’re in the market for an Xbox one then head over to Xbox’s official page to take advantage of the deal.

Ibuki Revealed as Newest Street Fighter V character


Yesterday Capcom revealed a trailer for Street Fighter V’s newest character, Ibuki. although she is no newcomer to the series, first appearing in Street Fighter III: New Generation, Ibuki rejoins the fray with some challenging gameplay.

you can check out the trailer above.

Capcom’s announcement didn’t come without some confusion. The official twitter for the series took to the internet to clear up some questions about her release:

Stay tuned for more news!


Capcom E-shop Sales


From May 31 to June 6 Nintendo is dropping some discounts on selected Capcom games.

Wii U:


Go punish your wallet, before it’s too late.

No Man’s Sky Delayed


Recently there have been some rumors floating around claiming that the space exploration game No Man’s Sky was going to be hit with another delay. Unfortunately that rumor has been confirmed by none other than Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games.

Murray took to Playstation’s blog to confirm the news; stating that the reason for the nearly 3 week delay was due to some key moments needing some polish. He then went on to say:

The universe of No Man’s Sky is incredibly vast. More than you can imagine. This is a type of game that hasn’t been attempted before, by a smaller team than anyone would expect, under an intense amount of expectation.
And despite all of that, development is genuinely going well. This is the hardest working, most talented team I’ve ever worked with, and I’m so proud of what we’re doing. For all our sakes though, we get one shot to make this game and we can’t mess it up.

Hopefully the delay really was to spit shine a few areas and not due to the ever dreaded feature creep. The delay is tough to swallow for anyone waiting with baited breath, but I’m sure the wait will be worth it for most.

No Man’s Sky releases on PS4 and PC, August 9th. [Source]

Battleborn Pricedrop


Battleborn, the newest FPS from Gearbox, has recently dropped the price of it’s regular and deluxe editions by 40% on steam. This sale is coming merely 3 weeks since the release.

With fans all over the net complaining about Battleborn’s playerbase (or lack there of) the pricedrop doesn’t seem like much of a surprise. Maybe Gearbox is feeling generous, or maybe stepping out of Blizzard’s shadow is proving to be a tougher battle than they expected.

Check out Battleborn’s Steam page to get in on the sale before it ends.

VR Ruined For Women




VR ruined for women. The world is thrusted into a deep abyss of despair. There is no way out.


SSX Backwards Compatibility Available on Xbox Marketplace


SSX(2012), EA’s attempt at rebooting the popular snowboarding franchise, has recently been added to Xbox One’s ever growing list of backwards compatible games.

The announcement was made on Major Nelson’s website and was included along with a list of current games featuring backwards compatibility. He also took a few moments to clear up some questions about the feature.

SSX(2012) is available on the Xbox One marketplace for $19.99